About Us

Coastal Athletic Training has a passion for helping athletes excel in the sport of Cheerleading. We accept that we are mentors and feel the best way to lead is through respect, patience, love and encouragement. We feel it’s our responsibility to teach athletes skills that will help them in their sport as well as their everyday lives. We know what the power of positive coaching can do therefore we will always make great strides to help our athletes learn to value their own self worth and position them in a direction of tackling lifelong pursuits of fitness through patience, dignity and respect for themselves and others.Come in and join our Coastal Vibes!


Tammy Glover

Gym Owner

  • Owner of Coastal Athletic Training
  • Vice President at Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Inc
  • Realtor/ Investor at Fathom Realty
  • Former Owner of Graffiti All-Stars
  • CPR,First Aid & AED Certified
  • American Association of Cheer Coaches Member 
  • Old Dominion University  Alumni
  • USASF Certified/Certificate Member

Lauren Deutscher

Program Director

  • North Carolina State Sport Management & Business Administration Graduate
  • NC State Small CoEd & All-Girl Cheerleading Alumni
  • 6+ yrs Competitive Gymnastics
  • 5+ yrs Competitive Cheerleading
  • 10+ yrs of All-Star Coaching Experience
  • 3+ yrs as Program Director at Various Gym Locations
  • USASF Certified Levels 1-5

Lyndsey Mcgarr

All-Star & Class Coach

  • Old Dominion University Criminal Justice & Sociology w/ an emphasis in Child Social Welfare Graduate
  • 13+ yrs Competitive Cheerleading 
  • 10+ yrs of All-Star Coaching Experience
  • USASF Certified Member 

Jacob Westbrooks

All-Star & Tumble Class Coach

  • University of West Georgia Graduate 
  • 10+ yrs Tumbling Experience
  • Interned Under Olympic Level Coach - Vladimir Zeglada
  • Placed Top 3 at Cheerleading Worlds
  • 5+ yrs Competitive Cheerleading 
  • 8+ yrs Coaching Experience 
  • USASF Certified Member 

Morgan Glover

Class & Team Coach

  • 3+ years Dance Training
  • 2+ years Sideline Cheer
  • 9+ years Competitive Cheering
  • 2+ years Mini and Youth Cheer Coaching
  • USASF Certified Member

Ryan Monastra

General Manager

  • Virginia Wesleyan College Alumni
  • Virginia Wesleyan College NCAA Soccer Alumni
  • Virginia Wesleyan College Cheerleading Alumni
  • Level 7 (formerly Level 6) Cheerleading Worlds Competitor with Virginia Wild (2009) and Cheer Extreme
  • Former Universal Cheer Association (UCA) Instructor
  • Member of the NFL Baltimore Ravens Co-ed Stunt for 5 years
  • Named NFL Baltimore Ravens Co-ed Stunt Team "Rookie of the Year"
  • 10+ years Cheerleading & Coaching Experience
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR, First Aid & AED Certified
  • USASF Certified Member